Planning and realization of tasting rooms and wine cellars
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Architecture and Construction

Design and realization
tasting rooms and wine cellars

Frog has excellent expertise in the wine area. Featuring between its clients are Marchesi Antinori (Tuscany), Tormaresca (Puglia), Montenisa (Franciacorta), Prunotto (Piedmont), La Braccesca (Montepulciano) and other wine brands to whom Frog have realized different projects and architectural installations.

Create a space dedicated to the wine sector means firstly thinking about the customer’s experience. Each parameter has to calibrated to catalyze attention not exclusive on wine but also the message and the context.

Frog’s projects optimize the functionality of the areas by discreetly integrating technological elements and technical spaces. Working in the field of hospitality linked to wine often means having to think about integrating new functions in a historical and rural context. For Frog, the environmental context represents not an expressive limit but a strengthening value for the customer’s experience.

Frog architecture and communication

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