Mazda Research Europe | Frog - Offices / Interior design
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Mazda Research Europe

SECTOR Offices

LOCATION Oberursel, Germany

DATE 2017

STATUS Completed

The design and setup of the Mazda design team offices in Germany have required Frog to make a great design effort. The special attention given by the customer to every detail in the creative process has further stimulated the Frog designers to create a space of excellence.

The modern and elegant architecture creates an atmosphere that stimulates the creative flow naturally and produces results of the highest level.

Dark wood walls in an industrial context enhance bright and functional spaces, using the contrast of materials, styles, and shapes.

A sliding wooden partition wall, composed of 20 different elements hanging to the ceiling that runs along a rail modulating the space in two different workspaces, depending on the needs.
From a cozy living room to a larger meeting area for more informal staff meetings.